Microscopic identification of Rhodiola henryi PDF Print E-mail

Luo Y, Cheng Y, Zhan Y, Cheng L: Microscopic identification of Rhodiola henryi. Zhong Yao Cai 2001, 24(9).

OBJECTIVE: To study the microscipic characteristics of the rhizoma, root, stem, leaf and powder of Rhodiola henryi. METHOD: By microscopic observation. RESULTS: The brown substance was always found in the rhizoma and root of Rhodiola henryi. There was a fiber ring in the cambium region of the stem, and some fiber bundles surrounded the pholem. The epidemis cells of the leaf were different in size, and some were very large. Most stomata were anisocytic. The pollen grains were spherical or oblate, with irregularly reticular veins on the outer walls and three germ pore furrows. CONCLUSION: The above-mentioned characteristics provided a basis for the identification of Rhodiola henryi.


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