Effect of rhodiola and acetazolamide in improving hypoxia in high altitude PDF Print E-mail

Ma Y, Zhang X, Chen X, Wang W, Cui J, Cui J, Zhan X: Effect of rhodiola and acetazolamide in improving hypoxia in high altitude. Chinese Mental Health Journal 2001, 15(2).

Studied the effects of rhodiola and acetazolamide on hypoxia in high altitude. 24 Han soldiers (aged 19-21 yrs) working at 3,700 m above sea level were randomly divided into a rhodiola group for 1.0g of rhodiola taken orally daily for 20 days and an acetazolamide group for 0.5g of accetazolamide taken orally daily for 20 days. Ss received a psychological and a biological function test by using DDX-200 multifunctional machines under the conditions of sleep deprivation and physical exercise before and after the drug administration. Ss visual attention division and left/right-feet cross movement frequency in the tests were measured and the time, numbers of performance, correct rate, and error rate were compared before and after. The general numbers of performance and the correct rate increased, and the error rate decreased after the drug administration. The results indicate that rhodiola and acetazolamide could improve cerebral and physical function under stress in high altitude areas. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2003 APA, all rights reserved)


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