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Mizina PG, Kurkin VA, Zhdanov IP, Bykov VA: Antibacterial activity of some application medical forms with plant compounds. Rastitelnye Resursy 2001, 37(4):97-100.

The antimicrobial activities of the application medicinal forms (AMF) as the phytofilms were investigated on the basis of various bases (methyl cellulose, gelatine, collagen, sodium alginate, alginate of potassium, alginate of magnesium, polyvinol and biologically active compounds from the drugs of Echinacea purpurea (L.). Moench, Rhodiola rosea L., Silybum marianum (L.). Gaertn., Populus nigra L., Salvia officinalis L. The direct dependence of antibacterial activity of AMF on the kind of the bases of a films and nature of biologically active compounds is established. The greatest antimicrobial activity for AMF is shown on the basis of fish collagen. The marked antimicrobial activity is observed in the films on the basis of the Salvia officinalis leaves and Populus nigra buds. The phytofilms on the basis of the biologically active compounds from drugs of Echinacea purpurea, Rhodiola rosea, Silybum marianum in addition to the main effect have antimicrobial properties.


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